Contemporary artist, Barbara Pickering, is best known for her non-traditional portraiture and figurative art. Her culturally diverse work depicts the human condition and speaks to the emotional self. The majority of her work is oil on canvas or linen. She also creates drawings using India Ink.

Barbara grew up in an artist’s home. Her father, Canadian Artist, Jack L. Pickering was an important influence and they enjoyed painting together. Her great-great grandfather, Joseph L. Pickering was a Royal Academy Artist in England. Along with gallery shows in Canada and the Caribbean, Barbara's work is held in private collections worldwide. Her art holds international awards and media attention.

Artist’s Statement:

Painting and drawing are my communication tools. My hope is that my art will stir something within the viewer and maybe entice them to see things in a new way. Faces and body language tell stories in artwork. Those stories may comfort, disturb or amuse but ultimately if they start conversations, I’ve served my purpose as an artist.